DID YOU KNOW? Now you can Sponsor a Pet directly from Petfinder.com! Just use the Adoptable Pets menu below, select the name of the Pet you are interested in, and Sponsor from that page! Any funds not needed for the care of this pet will be used to provide support for this adoption organization and other pets in its care. This is a one-time donation.

Doing your part to prevent pet overpopulation problems in Hardin County is easier than ever! Take your pets to Pet Pros and please remember to ALWAYS spay and neuter your pets! Services are offered according to income. Application forms at this link. Louisville area residents have the option of the SNIP Clinic, located on 2445 Crittenden Drive, Louisville. http://yhoo.it/1wzNBTu

Check out all our videos ranging from educational to promotional, event videos, everyday life at ARC and Spay and Neuter PSAs. More videos will be going up through the coming year making this a valuable resource, so keep an eye on what we're up to!