First-Time Dog Owner? Here Are Apps That Can Help

First-Time Dog Owner? Here Are Apps That Can Help


Being a first-time dog owner comes with challenges. Obviously, your dog needs material things like a strong collar, a dependable leash, the right food, a cushiony bed, and a few toys. However, there are a lot of other considerations that could seemingly pop out of nowhere for those new to having a dog. But thanks to a few convenient apps that you can conveniently use on your smartphone, a new dog owner can get a helping hand along the way.


Check Your Phone First


Before even downloading the apps, make sure that your smartphone is up for the task of running these apps successfully. Since your phone will be a vital tool as you learn to raise a happy and healthy dog, you want to ensure that you have the right one. Additionally, you need a cellular provider that provides a fast internet connection in your local area.

To get the most out of these apps, you should have a newer model iOS or Android phone. Getting a new device is optimal because it guarantees that all the features of the app are compatible. Plus, the latest smartphones have enhanced battery life, which will help with connectivity on the go.

One top-of-the-line iOS model is the new iPhone. Not only will it work with all the apps, but it also has a long battery life of more than 15 hours for all-day use, plus it has a triple-camera system, which makes it possible to capture all of your dog’s precious moments in all their glory. A comparable Android smartphone would be the Google Pixel 3a XL. Its camera’s performance is similar to the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera, and the display is slightly larger. It’s also notably cheaper than other high-end devices.


The Best Apps for New Pet Owners


Now that you’ve addressed your phone’s capability, let’s turn to the best apps to help you care for your first pet:


Pet First Aid

This app by the American Red Cross can be a lifesaver for your dog. As a first-time dog parent, you won’t always know what’s wrong. With step-by-step instructions, this app can help you determine whether it’s an emergency or something you can handle on your own. It also has a number of other helpful features including videos and quizzes.


Tractive Dog Walk

Dog walking isn’t just beneficial for your dog; it’s also good for the dog parent — and not only for the exercise. The American Kennel Club points to studies that show walking your dog makes you happier. Tractive Dog Walk is a must for those who want to get in the habit of walking their dog. The app records the distance of the walk and the time of day, and maps out the exact route you took. Of course, if it’s been a while since you’ve taken your own walk around the block, you may need to use a fitness app such as LadyBoss Pocket Personal Trainer to develop your own routine and find plans geared toward your fitness level.



ScritchSpot has first-time dog owners in mind. It does everything from pointing out dog-friendly restaurants and parks in your area to giving you detailed tips on dog training. When training your new dog, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals suggests using a reward-based approach using food, petting, and praise. 



The Chewy app makes it easy to purchase pet supplies straight from your smartphone. They offer products from more than 1,000 brands, competitive prices, and free shipping on qualified purchases. Plus, you can opt to have items automatically shipped on a schedule or talk to their customer service team with a push of a button if you have questions.


All new dog parents will experience bumps in the road. Sometimes, your dog will keep you up at night with worry. But with a smartphone loaded with helpful apps, you can lessen the need to worry so you can reap the rewards of the unconditional love your new pooch brings to your life. 


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