Good Mews Monday August 26, 2019

ARC’s Good Mews Monday

The Animal Refuge Center is back with more Good Mews!

Our sweet, Great Pyrenees Mix, Bailey went to her forever home a little over a week ago. She is a calm and gentle girl, who’s very laid back and quiet. Bailey was at our rescue for about a month, but she showed us that she is good with dogs and children.

Next up we have Terry, our 3-year-old Pit Bull Mix, who went to his new home on Saturday! Terry loves to play with other dogs and while he was at ARC, he loved his caretakers and the volunteers who would take him for walks. He also loves to fetch tennis balls and have his belly rubbed. Terry had been at ARC for a long time and we are so happy to see him adopted.

Last Tuesday was the day, for our handsome Aiden to go home. Aiden is our 1-year-old black kitty, who loves attention and is very affectionate. Aiden happily sits in laps and doesn’t mind being picked up. He was returned to ARC earlier this year, because he had a urinary tract infection. That’s been cleared up for a while now, but in his new home Aiden will need to eat a certain type of food such as Science Diet CD.

Finally we have Harry, who like everyone else we are reporting on today, are featured in our most recent newsletter. Harry is an adorable Irish Wolfhound Mix puppy. He has a long, confusing story about how he arrived at ARC, but an even longer story about how he got here from Texas. The gist of it is that some friends of ARC rescued Harry and now he’s becoming a confident young pup.

Upon his arrival, Harry was frightened by many things, but, attention, discipline, and love have all made a difference. With the help of his caretakers and his buddies, Harry is blossoming into a wonderful canine companion and will continue to shine in his new home.

1. Bailey

2. Terry

3. Aiden

4. Harry

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