Good Mews Monday October 14, 2019

ARC’s Good Mews Monday

We begin this week’s edition of Good Mews Monday with the fantastic news that two of our senior kitties have gone into permanent foster care. Best friends Fiona & Periwinkle went home together! Fiona arrived at ARC a tiny, shy kitten back in 2007. She’s still a rather small kitty and she’s fairly shy, but thankfully that’s where Periwinkle comes in.

Periwinkle is a very quiet, unassuming, modest gal, but she has blossomed into a very social kitty within the last couple of years. While Periwinkle and Fiona were at ARC they could usually be found in the room we call the Walton Room, due to the large table in the center. The pair was often seen on the table and many times curled up together.

Though Periwinkle is the quiet one, if she gets excited enough she will let out a tiny mew. She seems to have about 3 or so of them a day and the rest of her meows are silent. Fiona on the other hand has always been a talker and some might say a bit of a gossip. I guess in some weird way that sorta balances them out. These girls are beautiful and they are super sweet, with fantastic personalities to match. We are so happy to see them go home after being at our rescue all these years.

As you may or may not know, we have recently started a new program called Seniors For Seniors. Like the sweet girls just mentioned above we have another who went home yesterday and is also a part of this program. Pearl is a sweet old Chihuahua and she was dumped on our property several weeks back in pretty rough shape. She has just recovered from surgery where she had 7 mammary tumors removed as well as having Oronasal Fistula surgery, or in other words her mouth was in pretty bad shape and now she doesn’t have any teeth.

The goal is for the remainder of Pearl’s life to be cared for like she’s never known before. It’s very likely the cancer will come back, but for the first time, Pearl is experiencing what it’s like to have a real home, a family who loves her, great food to eat and a yard of her very own. This is your fairy tale happily ever after.

Our New Seniors For Seniors Program!…/04/seniors-for-seniors/

Finally we have our handsome boy, Calvin. Calvin is a 2-year-old, orange tabby, who came to us from the hoarder house in Cecilia. This was the house where we pulled over 50 cats last year and while we still have many, the majority of them have been adopted into wonderful forever homes.

For the last couple of months Calvin had turned into one of our main greeters at ARC and was often found in the living room just waiting for a lap to sit in or a person to pet him. Such a happy boy, who always looks like he’s smiling. Calvin was certainly a favorite and we will miss him, but that just means we are doing our jobs well.

1. Fiona

2. Periwinkle

3. Pearl

4. Calvin

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