Good Mews Monday August 5, 2019

ARC’s Good Mews Monday

We are back with more good mews as three of our wonderful female kitties have found their forever homes!

First up is Jewel, a perky, petite and very pretty Tortoiseshell, who we rescued from a hoarding situation. Jewel is very silly and talkative too. She has a variety of meow melodies and loves to flip and roll around for your entertainment. Jewel was first in foster care, before arriving at our shelter and all the time invested in her has paid off in spades, as she is so very friendly and affectionate. Jewel went to her new home on Sunday.

Next up we have our beautiful, medium-sized black kitty, Sissy. Sissy has the distinction of being the last kitty we pulled from the Fort Knox Stray Animal Facility before they closed their doors back in June of 2014. Sissy is an awesome kitty, who loves dogs even more than other cats! In the past when we had puppies, Sissy saw it as her duty to play with the puppies and keep them in line.

Sissy is very easy-going and doesn’t make much of a fuss. In fact most of the time when she attempts to meow its silent. This 6-year-old does like her attention and she’ll be getting lots of it now. Sissy got her wish and was adopted into a home with dogs.

Finally we have Diana, the last of our three, fuzzy, white-haired kittens. Diana and her two brothers are so affectionate and out-going, we knew they wouldn’t be at our rescue for long. Diana spent a couple of weeks being fostered by her new family before officially being adopted last Wednesday.

1. Jewel

2. Sissy

3. Diana

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