Minding Your Pup: Good Advice to Keep Your Neighbors Happy

Minding Your Pup: Good Advice to Keep Your Neighbors Happy

Adopting a pet is one of the most selfless things you can do. If you have thought about adopting a dog but have not been sure how to start, consider talking to the folks at Animal Refuge in Hardin County. They can help you through the entire process and offer you advice about caring for your furry friend. Soon your dog will be settled in nicely and your bond will be strong. 

Owning a dog is a wonderful experience. Their companionship is steady and their love, unconditional. As much as you adore your dog, however, you may end up tolerating things that other people consider annoying. In fact, you may become oblivious to how irritating he can be or have simply grown used to the behavior over time. As a result, you and your dog may be inadvertently driving your neighbors bonkers. Fortunately, it is never too late to retrain yourself and your pup for better behaviors. Keep reading to find out how.

Curb Excessive Barking and Whining

A dog who barks too much can be aggravating to listen to, for owners and neighbors alike. Getting to the source of the barking or whining can help you determine how to address it. You can use behavioral techniques such as rewarding them for sitting quietly when company arrives or offering more affection and interaction when your dog is quiet and calm. Reinforcing good behavior is the best way to teach dogs. 

Training can help curb excessive barking as well as other anxiety-driven behaviors. There are many training collars and devices on the market to help redirect barking, whining, and other issues. Training collars have mixed reviews, so make sure you research the varying types to ensure that you find one that is safe for your pet. Hiring a specialist to train your dog and teach you how to maintain the new behavior is the best option. Inquire with your vet about recommended trainers in your area. A trainer may be able to help you keep your dog confined to your own yard, which will also help improve your relationship with neighbors.

Keep Your Dog in Your Own Yard 

Even the most cordial of neighbors may get annoyed if your dog continually trespasses onto their property. You may decide that the best way to manage a roving pup is to have a fence installed. To find an installer, you can conduct a quick online search for “fencing contractors near me.” Hiring someone to install a fence, whether it is around the perimeter of your property or a section of your yard, may be a costly endeavor. To ensure that you hire a trustworthy installer, check online reviews and pricing, and try to get quotes from several different providers. 

Dealing with your dog’s feces is one of the less pleasant aspects of dog ownership. Ordinances in most towns and cities require you to pick up your dog’s droppings rather than leaving them behind where others may encounter them. Neighbors will appreciate your consideration if you are conscientious about picking up after your dog, and you will be abiding by the rules of your town as well as the unspoken etiquette of dog ownership. Use biodegradable bags that are earth-friendly and dispose of them in the trash promptly. After all, no one wants to accidentally stumble across one of these doggy bags.

Create a Routine for Your Dog

Dogs thrive on routine. Animal Refuge Center recommends setting a schedule and focusing on trust-building. If you are a new pet parent, it can be difficult to remember your dog’s every need. You may find that using pet apps and reminders can help you get into the habit of feeding, walking, and caring for your dog’s needs at consistent times. Apps can also remind you of vet appointments, so you stay updated on shots and boosters. 

Establishing a care routine and staying up to date on health needs will keep your dog safe and healthy for years to come. A well-cared-for dog feels more comfortable and secure, and this can result in a calmer pup with less barking and agitation. You may find your new best friend at the Animal Refuge Center in Hardin County. Check out their website today!

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