#TeamCatMojo Tips: Know this about body language?

Hey there, #TeamCatMojo,

I’ve met many people at various events who are puzzled by the ways their cats try to communicate with them. One popular question is “What does my cat’s wagging tail mean?”

Well, first off, cat body language tells you a lot! A wagging tail from a cat definitely does not mean the same thing as a dog’s friendly tail. In fact, your cat demonstrates agitation built up in his body by trying to expel that energy through the tail. Bummer, huh?

For more information on cat body language, watch this video where I discuss several ways we misinterpret their communication.

And if you think you need help with some of these symptoms, we have some great products to help.
• If you’ve got an agitated cat, check out my Holistic Solutions to help calm him down and bring some peace and comfort to your home with Stress Stopper.

• Arched back alert! If your cat always acts very fearful of others most of the time, pick up Scaredy Cat.

• Noticed some unwelcome play aggression? Let your cat take it out on one of my interactive toys rather than on your hands and arms!

Got more questions? Keep ‘em coming! Email us at help@jacksongalaxy.com and you might see your query in an upcoming newsletter.

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