WHY Is My Cat Attacking Me?!?

Hey there, #TeamCatMojo,

Lately, you guys have been throwing this question at me: “Why is my cat attacking me? How do I get him to stop?”

Sounds like play aggression, but it feels like a wild raw cat attack, huh? So how do you get it to stop? Make your legs stop looking like prey! I kid, I kid.

You need to take time to play with your cat. If you have a cat who is “hunting” you, then you have to find ways to simulate hunting with your cat and then wear him out with a great time. Watch this video to learn more.

I love toys with long poles, strings, and feathers for this. It’s all about finding the right toy. Check out my interactive toys to get your cat hunting, catching & killing!

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Light, Love & Mojo,

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