How to Plan a Stress-Free Move for You and Your Furry Companions


Moving homes can be a big deal, especially when pets are involved. If you’re planning a move soon, you may have the basics like packing and hiring help covered. But have you thought about how to plan each step with your pets in mind? If not, Animal Refuge Center has you covered with these practical and helpful resources. 


Finding and Buying a Pet-Friendly Home 


Before you can plan a safe and stress-free move with your pets, you need to find a new home where you can both stay healthy and happy. Follow these steps to save time and hassle: 


  • Pets or not, your checklist for buying a home should include some essential steps. 
  • Own your current home? Start by weighing the pros and cons of selling or buying first. 
  • You also need to clean and remove signs of your pets before your current home is listed. 
  • As you find a new home, look for features like fences and dog doors for your pet. 
  • But keep in mind that you can always budget for pet-friendly upgrades at a later date. 
  • Also, ask about HOA rules in potential neighborhoods. Some include pet restrictions. 


Managing Stress During a Move With Pets 


You’ve found a home and it’s perfect for you and your pets! Once the deal is done, you’ll want to start making plans to keep your pets healthy and calm during the move. Here are a few tips: 


  • Remember, animals can be very sensitive to change. It’s normal for pets to be anxious.
  • You can soothe your pets’ anxieties with plenty of positive reinforcement and assurance. 
  • If possible, book a pet sitter or doggy daycare on the days that movers will be in your home. 
  • Can’t budget for a sitter? Safely secure your pets in a separate room or in crates
  • There are soothing pet playlists available online to help cover up any scary noises. 
  • For long-distance moves, proper planning is even more important for your pets’ safety. 


Additional Resources to Help Pet Parents 


Finding a home and planning a move — these are the two biggest tasks ahead of you. Even so, you may find these links and tips from the Animal Refuge Center helpful during your move: 


  • Thinking of adopting a pet? Check out Petfinder links to find local shelters and rescues. 
  • Volunteering with local animal rescues is also a great way to help your new community. 
  • If you spot stray cats in your new neighborhood, having TNR information may be helpful. 


Moving is always a little stressful — for pets and humans alike. With the right plan and resources, though, you can minimize anxiety for your entire family. That way you can focus on settling into and exploring your new home with your pets! 


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