Family Dollar and Animal Refuge Center Team Up Again!

The fantastic folks at Family Dollar in Vine Grove, KY are teamed up with us once again for our annual Angel Tree Drive! Tentative date for our Angel Tree box setup is 16-23 November, 2020. So support our friends at Family Dollar through the holiday season, do your part, and stay safe!

The SEASON OF GIVING is upon us once again! After more than 31 years of saving lives in Hardin County, we never fail to be touched by the generosity of our community all throughout the year. As everyone involved in animal rescue knows, Need knows NO season, but that special outpouring of love and support we get each and every year fills us with joy, and hope that the coming year will find us best equipped to save more lives and find more homeless pets Forever Homes than ever before!

At the time of this writing (11/2/2020) America has just hit its worst week ever in Coronavirus cases. That means that the Animal Refuge Center will most likely NOT be hosting its community-cherished 31st Annual Christmas Party event this year. But we still have safe-distancing ways to give and help out. With our many supporters, it’s hard to say if an online virtual party would be feasible (but at least you can drink at home, and if you’re in your underwear, make sure that computer cam is well-adjusted. 😉

Please make every effort to support our local businesses who have pledged Angel Trees to help us collect food, toys and supplies for the homeless pets in our care! We will be adding more local businesses to the list as they are able to commit during this unprecedented year. These businesses have big, generous hearts, and when you help us, you help them, too. And when you help them, you help us, which is even better. Need our Wish List?

Cat Treats, Kitty Litter, Cat Toys, Dog Food, Canned Food, Dog Toys. Cleaning supplies, towels and blankets are also welcome to make these homeless pets’ holiday merry and bright. If you must make a cash donation, please rather write a check to The Animal Refuge Center and mail it to PO Box 400, Vine Grove, KY, 40175-0400 or make a secure donation to ARC here directly on our website. COVID RULES: 2020 has been a year unlike any other. ARC has had to close its doors and quarantine to protect the public twice this year, and it was only thanks to our website that we were able to accept adoption applications, schedule pet adoption appointments and keep life running. Post 2020 Election, an already difficult and scary world will be totally changed once again–no matter which way you voted–and people will need to stay safe not only during the Covid-19 pandemic first season, but cold and flu season as well. Observe ALL mask rules at places where you shop, PLEASE be courteous to cashiers (they are burned out from being bullied by anti-maskers, I assure you first-hand, and be sure to thank them for all they have done these last stressful months) and protect yourselves and others. Let’s light a green candle to remember all the souls and loved ones lost to Covid and do our patriotic duty to spread goodwill and cheer.
It’s desperately needed this year.
All you need to do at checkout is drop your goodies into our Angel Tree box–and you can keep the paper ornament of the pet or pets you chose to gift this year, and put it on your Christmas tree so you keep smiling all holiday long. IF you have made purchases to donate to the Animal Refuge Center and want to bring them directly to the shelter, that’s no problem either. Call ahead at 270-877-6064 to see which days we are open during the week, come up to ARC (after hours the gate will be locked) and deliver your presents to our roomy carport.

Keep all your friends and loved ones safe this holiday season, and as we look forward to the hope and promise of a brand-new year in emotions and ways we never dreamed of or experienced before, please know how very important and special our supporters are. We could never do any of this without you.
Below are some of the businesses who joined with us in 2016 to make our Angel Tree season a huge success, and we hope they will be available this season.

Unable to volunteer at The Animal Refuge Center but wish you could do more? YOU CAN! Please consider joining our Sponsor Program, where you can pledge a monthly amount for as many pets as you are able to provide for, a pledge of love and support that goes on and on! All you have to do is click the Sponsor button below to learn all about our Sponsor Program, with detailed instructions if you have never done this online. Whether you choose to support one of our Pets For Adoption until they find their Forever Home, or browse the slideshow of unadoptable pets on our Sponsor Page to select the Sponsor Pet that tugs at your heart, your decision is a gift that saves more lives than you’ll ever know. For becoming a Sponsor, you will be mailed a photo and the story of your chosen sponsor pet. Or, if you want to help but can’t afford to make a long-time commitment, go to our Donation page (or click that big Donate button below), and know that in whatever way you are able to give, you have saved a life.

Peace and love and joy to each and every one of you this holiday season!



Spread the word about the Animal Refuge Center and its work for the homeless pets of Hardin County, Kentucky to all your friends and family! We can't do our work without YOUR support!

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