Winter Fosters Needed

Winter is Coming! We barely got out of 21 days of some of the most unbearable freezing cold we have seen in decades, and the WeatherMan is telling us it’s about to get worse!

Our kennel area at the Animal Refuge Center is top-notch, state of the art, with heat lamps and straw bedding, but that is still not enough to keep the dogs safe in below zero temperatures. Penny Edwards is putting out the call for Temporary Fosters to help us out through the worst of the upcoming weather! No, you don’t get to keep the dogs unless you really, really want to–but you as a Winter Foster will be doing us a great service and also help socialize the dogs for the time they are your guest. We also insist No Cats. We are not sure about how well some of these guys do with cats and do not want any problems. If you are interested in being a Winter Foster, call Penny Edwards at the Animal Refuge Center at 270-877-6064 or Email her at

Thank you for all your support!

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