A Budget-Friendly Guide to Arranging a Pet-Sitter After a COVID-19 Diagnosis

If you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19, it’s important that you get the medical care you need to heal. While you focus on your recovery, you may not be able to give your pet the care they require. A pet sitter can give your furry or feathered friend focused attention and hands-on engagement during this time.

Animal Refuge Center is dedicated to protecting pets, ensuring all animals get the love they deserve. This animal shelter has been busy during COVID-19, with numerous homeless pets getting dropped off on their doorstep. But you don’t have to give up your pet because of a COVID-19 diagnosis. Finding the right pet-sitter is the solution.

If you’re worried about costs, don’t stress. The below guide explains how to arrange for budget-friendly pet-sitting.

Trust the internet to find affordable but trustworthy sitters.

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier to find local pet sitters than ever before. Platforms like Care.com allow you to browse service providers in your area. You can even specify when you need pet care. Select the “Right Now” option if you’ve just received your COVID-19 diagnosis and need assistance urgently.

The sitters on the Care platform are reviewed and rated, allowing you to find someone trustworthy with a good track record. Some of their sitters are even background-checked, giving you added peace of mind. You’ll also be able to choose one whose rates align with your budget.

Stock up on supplies and save by buying in bulk.

You’ll want to stock up on supplies like food for your pet before you turn them over to a sitter. Reader’s Digest has tips for how you can save by buying in bulk, for example, by downloading digital coupons.

COVID-19 restrictions make in-person shopping challenging. Skip the stress and order your pet supplies online. You can have your purchases delivered directly to your doorstep, saving time and energy. To cut costs, compare prices from different retailers and always do a search for coupons before concluding a purchase.

Create a checklist for your sitter using a free template.

The more information your sitter has about your pet, the better they can meet the animal’s needs. Write a checklist for the sitter. The American Kennel Club has a free template you can refer to. It covers points like exercise, feeding schedule, medications, and health conditions. You may also want to include house rules. If Fido isn’t allowed on the couch, say so.

Your checklist for the sitter should also provide relevant contact information. If you’re going to a healthcare facility to get COVID-19 treatment, tell your sitter where you’ll be and how they can reach you. Just in case, give them the contact info of a friend or family member. You should also leave your veterinarian’s contact information in case of health emergencies.

Make cost-efficient provisions for your pet’s health needs.

Make sure your sitter is equipped to handle medical emergencies. In addition to leaving your vet’s contact details, leave behind a credit card and an authorization letter that specifies that the sitter is allowed to use that card for your pet’s care. Preventive Vet has a treatment authorization form that you can download and complete.

When it comes to financing potential pet medical expenses, you can save money by investing in comprehensive pet insurance. Check out reviews of pet insurance companies to compare costs and see what plan best suits your needs. Healthy Paws stands out from this list: It’s rated “best value” and fulfills reimbursements quickly.

Getting diagnosed with COVID-19 is stressful. You don’t want to add worries about your pet’s welfare or your finances on top of this burden. Follow the above tips to ensure affordable and safe pet-sitting for your favorite animal. You can then focus your energy on healing so that you can return home to your pet as soon as possible.

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