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Checking out incoming links on the old website this morning, I found some poor reviews on the Animal Refuge Center at These are from people who have failed our adoption screening process, and it’s important that people know why.

We want PERMANENT homes for the pets in our care. Another thing that bugs us is the indifferent “I’m here to BUY a CAT” types. We can tell the difference if you’re effusive and over the top, too. We don’t adopt a cat out just so someone can throw it out in their backyard and feed it occasionally. In far too many cases, these animals have come to us in SHODDY shape, and the amount of love and care taken to rehabilitate these animals is immense. We love them. They are like our own. So don’t come to us saying, “I’m not really a cat person, but I want to adopt it for my husband and kid.” In our 20 years of experience in running the Animal Refuge Center, we know darn well that you will be back within six months to a year saying, “Well, I’m still not a cat person…this just isn’t working out.” And the cat, mourning because it thought it had a home with you–well in one case some years ago we had a cat mourn herself to death. The circumstances were different, but don’t think for one minute that these animals do not see you as their family. Would you ditch your children so easily? I thought not.

Found the link on Yahoo! Local:

Not On Yahoo Anymore

Posted on 09/24/11

The Animals here are well taken care of and the workers there seem very nice. My family and I wanted to adopt a Cat from this place and the main person in charge was a little pushy about us adopting. In a since we felt it was rather rude and unprofessional. We also felt the price was a bit high to adopt. I feel if they wanted to give these animals good homes they would lower the price a bit and give the person a little time to decide on getting an animal. Animals are not just things.. they should be apart of your family and it takes time to decide wiether the animal is right for your family or not.
That Girl Lex

They were pushy, but the opposite reason for me. I m not exactly a cat person and when I told her that it was mainly for my husband and son, she couldnt get me out the door fast enough. So what?! I m a dog person. I was just trying to help out by adopting since BOTH of my dogs are rescue. I could just as easily pick a cat up off the street. They need to understand that if I m gonna PAY for a CAT, I m not gonna abuse or neglect it just because I m not a cat person .

[My comments to the disgruntled: “The reasons you’ve both cited are why the adoption screening process failed. We’re not pushy, and ‘We couldn’t afford a cat” and “I’m not really a cat person” are reasons people have given us when they dropped their unwanted pets with us in the first place. :/”]

Since cats tend to pick people, we prefer that prospective adopters sit and get to know the cats for awhile, mingle…a good screening process takes about an hour, which is why we like you to get there an hour and a half BEFORE we close. Anyone who knows a cat realizes that if they truly like you, they will all be vying for your attention. If you’re bored and don’t want to take the time…oh well.

The Animal Refuge Center has served Hardin County, KY since 1989, and they have stood respected in the community, even as other shelters have come and gone. Why?
They have the best and most devoted staff you will find anywhere. The staff is seasoned and professional, and interview prospective adopters with a personal touch. Shelter Manager Penny Edwards has been at ARC for 20 years as of May 2012, and their adoption retention rate is unparalleled. They carefully screen adopters throughout the process, and as Hardin County Animal Control Manager Jerry Foley can attest, some people who really had no business owning pets have failed the criteria from time to time.

The adoption fee is the best around. Pet adoption fees throughout Kentucky range from $65 to $350 (plus additional licensing and veterinary fees as applicable). The Animal Refuge Center provides pets who have ALREADY BEEN spayed or neutered, up to date on all shots and wormings, and do their best to match them to homes which will actually care for them at $60 per cat, $75 per dog.
Adoption fails: Families with small children who want to adopt a Pit Bull. Families who want to adopt a cat but complain about the expensive adoption fee. Military families who want to adopt a dog or cat but return it to the shelter in 2 years because they PCS to another duty station.
Come on. Don’t you want to adopt from a shelter that truly cares about finding pets forever homes? Come see us, and we’ll do our best to match you with your best friend ever.
BY THE WAY. Breaking news. The Chihuahuas from the dog abuse case have been finally released to us by the courts. News on that in the next article.
Spread the word about the Animal Refuge Center and its work for the homeless pets of Hardin County, Kentucky to all your friends and family! We can't do our work without YOUR support!

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