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jacksongalaxy.com/ Ever since Dr. Jean Hofve introduced me to flower essence therapy in 1998, they have been an integral part of my treatment plan and my holistic approach to mind/body health. Our line of essence solutions, Spirit Essences, has been around for over 20 years with good reason: it is the only remedy line designed by a veterinarian and behavior consultant, and, when used as a part of a comprehensive plan for your animal companion, they work. I’m proud to offer Spirit Essences, and thankful to be a part of your pets’ wellbeing. –Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy Solutions work best when part of a more holistic program, that may include proper veterinary care, diet, behavior modification, and other holistic modalities. Consult your veterinarian before adding any new product to your pet’s care regimen. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Safe Space for Cats was formulated to help construct an energetic “bubble” around your cat. In other words, this solution helps reassure the cat that his territory is safe and protected from intruders from within and without. You will notice a drop in urine-marking, aggression toward other animals, and increased self-confidence. Improve your cat’s Mojo with Exclusive products from the host of TV’s My Cat From Hell! Shop Now!

Spread the word about the Animal Refuge Center and its work for the homeless pets of Hardin County, Kentucky to all your friends and family! We can't do our work without YOUR support!

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