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This is Spot. Spot is a great dog currently up for adoption at the Animal Refuge Center in Vine Grove. Spot has begun to exhibit a mild type of seizure, called a partial seizure which only effects the lower half of his body. He also only seems to encounter this problem when he is highly stimulated or stressed. As a volunteer at the ARC I have taken him into my home to foster him and observe him for any unusual behavior. He is doing amazingly well in a home environment and is such a sweet and loyal dog. I want to promote him especially here on facebook to get the word out about this great dog. He needs to be the member of a loving family who don’t own cats, and don’t mind his occasional hound-like bark. He has not had a single seizure episode at my home and the vet thinks it is linked to his level of stress/stimulation. For anyone who is looking for that special boy who loves some fun, exercise and sweet loving, Spot is the dog for you!!! He is good with other dogs and is excited to meet to people, he’s approximately 2 yrs old and these very mild seizures are the only problem he has encountered. If you or someone you know is able to foster him (He does not appreciate my two cats, and they don’t appreciate him either so I am eager to find him a better home environment) or may be interested in making this special guy part of your family, please contact the Animal Refuge Center at (270) 877-6064. Spot Thanks You
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