Gimme That Old Black Magic – October Adoption Special


Black cats. We love ’em. Some fear them, and for all the wrong reasons. These cute little wide eyed mini-panthers, these perfect little killing machines that we love to pick up and kiss have gotten a bad rap over the centuries, and for no good reason. A cat is a cat is a cat, and it might surprise you to learn that in other countries, black cats are tokens of good luck!

Right now the Animal Refuge Center is eager to bring luck, love and laughter into YOUR home with some great cats who wait for someone like you to take them home and love them forever.

Vintage "Here's Some Luck" plaque, circa 1919.
Vintage “Here’s Some Luck” plaque, circa 1919.

In ancient Egypt, all cats (including black ones) were revered. Killing one could result in a death sentence for the offender. Cats were protected by ancient Egyptians because they could kill cobras, scorpions, and other dangerous creatures. Egyptians believed that cats captured the glow of the setting sun in their eyes and kept it safe until morning.

japanese_good_luckThe Japanese also honor black cats as symbols of good luck, and they are viewed as particularly important for single women (some things are just universally true, right?) A black cat is believed to be a lucky lure that will bring many and quality suitors.

Proponents of Feng Shui believe that cats are drawn to harmony. Therefore, a happy cat is the sign of a happy, harmonious home. A figurine of a black cat is often placed in the home, facing north, to ward off evil.

ALL of the cats below are available through our Black Magic offer! For a limited time you can adopt a great pal with a ton of personality that is already spayed or neutered, tested, and up to date on all shots FOR ONLY A $20 ADOPTION FEE! That’s right–until October 30 you can adopt three cats for the price of one.
Take advantage of this offer while it lasts–these wonderful little guys are ready to go home. Don’t wait too long: Before you know it, this offer–and maybe even the cat of your dreams–will be gone.

Spread the word about the Animal Refuge Center and its work for the homeless pets of Hardin County, Kentucky to all your friends and family! We can't do our work without YOUR support!

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