Happy Tails – Bonnie

Here are a few pictures of Bonnie whom I’ve renamed Gracie. She has received grace! She is settling in nicely. She slept on the floor in my bedroom the first 2 nights but now loves the dog bed in the family room. She is really eating well now & loves the backyard. She & Lexi like to chase & watch the squirrels. My yard is pie shaped & I border 2 1/3 yards across the back so she has lots of room to run & check out all the smells! She is wagging her nub now & I’m still waiting for the full boxer wiggle but it’s coming. I just love her so much. She is the sweetest thing & I didn’t realize how much I missed having 2 dogs to love until I got her. When I brought Gracie in the cat was like ‘oh another dog, ok’ & they all get along very well. Thank you so much! Gracie has filled a hole in my heart from loss of my Lily & she brings such joy to my family. My 2 sons just love her too. Thanks again.
Linda Boggs

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  1. brenda

    What a happy story!

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