Confirmation Letter

nothankyouThank your for your Memorial/In Honor donation to the Animal Refuge Center! Please fill out the form below, and we will be honored to send a confirmation to those you honor, or to the family of the bereaved.
Your expression of love will be acknowledged in our Voices From the ARC Newsletter. So many people in our community have been recognized and acknowledged by their loved ones as well with a donation to the Animal Refuge Center in honor of their accomplishments and selfless dedication, and expressions of undying love.

Confirmation Letter In Honor/In Memorial

Please fill in the name and address of the person you wish to note in Honor of, or to the family of the Bereaved to notify them of your donation.
This form allows you to forward notice to the Animal Refuge Center to request a Confirmation Letter to be sent to those whom you make a donation In Honor or In Memory of.
We will acknowledge your request and send notification to the person you note in the contact form, and your request will appear in our Voices From the ARC Newsletter.
Please be sure to fill in your Memorial/Honor message into the Message text field above the Submit button.

We want to take this time to thank you once again for your donation to the Animal Refuge Center, and we are honored to note your expressions of love and loss in memory of your loved ones--both human and furry--in a way that pays far forward: A donation of love to help care for homeless pets.
Spread the word about the Animal Refuge Center and its work for the homeless pets of Hardin County, Kentucky to all your friends and family! We can't do our work without YOUR support!

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