#TeamCatMojo Tips: Know this about body language?

Hey there, #TeamCatMojo, I’ve met many people at various events who are puzzled by the ways their cats try to communicate with them. One popular question is “What does my cat’s wagging tail mean?” Well, first off, cat body language tells you a lot! A wagging tail from a cat definitely does not mean the same thing as a dog’s…

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I Buy Strays Hoax – Snopes says FALSE

Author: David Mikkelson Published: Feb 11th, 2010 We are posting this because animal cruelty is a reality and suppressing these hoaxes only allows abusers to work freely. Claim: Web site offers to buy unwanted cats and dogs to re-sell for vivisection and animal testing services. Status: False. Example: [Collected via e-mail, December 2007] IBUYSTRAYS.COM can you check out this website?…

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The Animal Refuge Center is now a PetSmart Affiliate Partner!

AWESOME NEWS! The Animal Refuge Center is now a PetSmart Affiliate Partner! If you have not visited our website lately, you are missing out on some great featured Affiliate links to KitNipBox, Wal-Mart, TFAW Comics and much, much more! All of our affiliate links directly benefit the Animal Refuge Center, so if you love online shopping, please consider visiting us…

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Vine Grove Family Dollar Announces Successful Angel Tree Season!

Assistant Manager Dodie Welch of the Vine Grove Family Dollar was thrilled to announce yesterday that ALL the pet angels on our Angel Tree had been claimed! Dodie, pictured at right, proudly shows off the tree now empty of angels. Generous patrons and customers, as well as many of the Family Dollar employees, all pitched in to claim an ornament…

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