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  1. Jennifer Robinson

    Hi! I live in Vine Grove and I have noticed in the past year a growing number of cats all over the place, I do not know if they have a home, but I doubt it. Also, I see lots of dogs getting loose and running around all over the neighborhood. Do you have any idea how we can get a better grip on animal control in our community? As a pet lover I feel bad seeing these animals all over the place.

    1. webmaster

      They may very well have a home, but be considered “outdoor” pets, so in that light, their owners probably don’t think they need to be fixed, or reined into their own backyards. Not without chaining them to a tree. Sound ignorant? It is.
      We need better community promotion of spay and neuter programs, and outreach. Are people finding veterinary costs prohibitive and far out of their budget? Are there irresponsible breeders? Are we simply seeing the results of ignorance and poverty, as people say, “We live out in the country, so I don’t need to get Kitty spayed–whoops, here are 8 more kittens. Where did THEY come from?”
      We’ve preached on this topic for more than 20 years now, but the problem remains. We could use more volunteers to trap and spay/neuter/release these critters. We have the Snip Clinic in Louisville and Buried Treasures in Elizabethtown to help cover costs. The Buried Treasures Store runs on donations and they are the most active promoters of income-based spay and neuter programs in Hardin County. I’ll look at promoting them on our website, but if you use these programs, pay it forward! Your donations help ensure more pets get spayed and neutered, and fewer unwanted puppies and kittens are brought into the world, to walk our streets hungry and alone.

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