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It’s been a busy last few weeks at the Animal Refuge Center.  We would like to take this opportunity to update all our supporters with the most recent feral cats we’ve been able to help out because of your generous donations to Cookies Legacy.  We received a tip from one of our supporters that there was a colony living behind the Walgreens in Radcliff. Sure enough when a few of our volunteers went to check it out they saw several kitties. We were able to trap one adult male (Hugh), six adult females (Jayne, Shanna, Dorothy, Marilyn, Shannon, and Onion), and one female kitten (Funyun).

Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers we were able to get these kitties fixed and vetted before a population explosion could occur.


Our volunteers were also able to trap three females from Cookies Colony. As with all of Cookies Colony kitties, these sweeties were given cookie names. The exception was Chatty Catty, who was a very talkative little girl.

Lorna Doone

Chatty Catty
Shanna and Dorothy

We know we can’t
change the world overnight.
But your generous donation helps us to be there for more homeless community cats. Help us help them: help us spay or neuter, feed them, ease their suffering.
Help us bring them home.

All three girls are safely back with their colony after being spayed and vetted.  We would like to thank all our volunteers who have trapped and transported these kitties, as well as all our supporters and those who have donated to Cookies Legacy.  It’s because of your generosity that we are able to help control the feral population, and help these cats live happy and healthy lives. Thank you!
If YOU want to help us make a difference in the lives of homeless cats, donate today to Cookie’s Legacy and know your donation has just saved a life!

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