Happy Tails 11/09/14: Katniss

Alex England, Oct. 16
BearJust wanted to give you guys an update. We decided to keep the name Bear. It just fit better. He is extremely well behaved and is very happy. He has separation anxiety it seems. All he wants is to lay in one of our laps. He can sit on command and knows downstairs, upstairs, couch, and outside. Extremely inelegant and Learns quickly. We are currently working on playing fetch and lay down. So happy we found him. Thank you guys for the work you put in for all these animals.

Kara-tnKara has made herself at home and is fearless in the face of grumpy growling kitties who haven’t decided if they like her or not. She’s an awesome little girl! Denise Lemke.


SprinklesCarrie Hollingshead Carman November 4 at 6:47pm|

Sprinkles is doing great, she is making me laugh. She went up to my 11-year-old cat Camille and just started rubbing her little face on hers. Camille was shocked and then finally hissed at her and walked away with pride in her step. I’m still laughing. I think they’ll be best buddies by the end of the week. Selena (Jasmine) is still keeping her distance.

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