Support the Animal Refuge Center With Fun Pasta!

2014-06-04-07-06-04.50-classic_dinner_dishes_ChiliARC Supporters, now who doesn’t like Chili? The Classic Chili meal is made with simple ingredients, combined with the included mix and chili is ready to be served in 25 minutes. Wow your crowd this weekend! There are lots of recipe variations on label – makes a great veggie chili too!
Spice Level = mild-med. Serves 6-8.

1391973_893832727308754_3264479416263974147_nOr wouldn’t it be appropriate for all you cat lovers to make a purchase of the Cat Lovers pasta? There are many other great shapes to consider purchasing, remember all purchases will help raise funds for medical supplies, vetting, food and additional items for the cats and kittens we take in daily. Thank you for your continued support.

You can find these pastas and a mind-boggling selection of other treats for yourself and your family at

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