Woodland Wildlife manager dies

Monika-Wilcox2013Wilcox worked with animals for more than two decades

By Kelly Cantrall
Monday, July 29, 2013 at 1:11 am (Updated: July 29, 1:30 am)

A Radcliff wildlife shelter no longer will be in operation after the death of its manager.

Monika Wilcox, who ran Woodland Wildlife along with her husband, died Thursday at University Hospital in Louisville. The shelter is now closed but is in need of financial and volunteer assistance.

Wilcox, 59, worked with wildlife for 23 years, specializing in animals that needed extra care and couldn’t be placed elsewhere, said her daughter, Sarah Nickell.

Wilcox’s death was sudden, coming after injuries sustained from a fall down a flight of stairs, Nickell said. Wilcox was doing work for the shelter at the time.

“I kind of feel like she died doing what she loved,” Nickell said.

The majority of the animals that had been in the care of Woodland Wildlife have found other homes, but there still are a few cats that need to be placed, Nickell said. The cats have illnesses, but she hopes to find homes for them this week.

Large cages that housed the animals need to be disassembled, she said, and the lumber could be used for other purposes.

Those interested in taking in a cat or assisting with the cages can call (270) 351-3509.

Financial donations can help with the remaining bills for the shelter, Nickell said. Those interested in making donations can send contributions to Woodland Wildlife Inc. at 297 N. Woodland Drive in Radcliff.

Nickell said her mother always loved animals and decided to begin rehabilitating them more than two decades ago. She received necessary permits and soon became known as “the bird lady” around the area. Nickell said she could remember Wilcox searching for nightcrawlers to feed the birds. The operation grew to the point Wilcox was ordering large quantities of food for them.

Nickell said her mother ran the shelter because of her true love for the work.

“This was everything she was,” she said.

Wilcox’s funeral is at 7 p.m. today at Nelson-Edelen-Bennett Funeral Home in Radcliff.

Kelly Cantrall can be reached at (270) 505-1747 or kcantrall@thenewsenterprise.com.

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