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Penny-tnPenny Edwards has been Shelter Manager and President of the Board of Directors of the Animal Refuge Center since 2000. Starting as an animal caretaker there in May 1992, from those humble beginnings she and the Staff of ARC have seen the shelter evolve from a caged facility in an old barn to a home environment based animal shelter that is truly amazing.
All staff at the Animal Refuge Center earn the capability of near-veterinary assistant equivalents, with daily routines of medicines, first aid and occasional spay and neuter surgery assistance. Since 1992, Penny has performed medication responsibilities on a daily basis, and one might say it is now second hand.
Since her partnership with Pam Harrison in providing pet sitting services over the years, the two have already built an established clientele that they continue to serve on a weekly to monthly basis:

Snug at Home is a very responsible and capable company run by people who really care. I’m always glad to be able to keep my pets at home when I or my family travels, because my cats have special needs. My dogs also love the long walks and friendly interaction Snug at Home provides for them when I can’t be there. I can always trust this great company to care for my pets when I am not able to.
— Sarah Faulkner


Pam Harrison is the creative designer behind Snug@Home’s website and Facebook page. A professional graphic designer for going on 20 years, Pam is also well-known in the independent comics world for her comic book series. She won the Prism Comics Press Grant in 2008 for her work on the historical fiction graphic novel series, House of the Muses, and in 2011 won the Best Writing and Best Comic award for her science fiction series, A Deviant Mind. She is presently Executive Art Director and Editor for the comic anthology series Voices Against Bullying, combining the creative art and writing of some of the best young artists throughout the US to tell their individual stories, as the tagline of the anthology series indicates, “Because EVERYBODY…has a story to tell.”

Pam has also worked at the Animal Refuge Center off and on since 1992, and is currently Secretary of the Board of Directors, Publications Manager for the shelter and master of their website. In the early days, Pam had a gift for handling feral animals (her most recent rescue involved pulling a badly injured raccoon from beneath a stump, not an adventure for the faint-hearted), but these days she prefers handling the daily antics of domestic cats and dogs.

…or something like this:

Hi. I have 4 dogs and 9 cats in my household. One of the dogs, a 75 lb. Border Collie, is paraplegic, but she’s a happy dog. Pam and Penny have been sitting for this bunch for years, and for the last couple of years they have been walking the dogs weekly. Annie outgrew her wheelchair, and seemed not strong enough for another, so she now rides along in a garden wagon. Penny and Pam can manage with or without me, as I’m often at work.
I wouldn’t have been able to travel without Penny and Pam. When I am gone on extended trips, I have to have someone actually spending hours a day with the animals, and they do, including one at least staying overnight, as needed. The dogs love them: they’re just as thrilled when their car pulls up as they are mine. I feel so easy leaving my pets in their care. The cats probably love them as much as the dogs do.
Pam and Penny also help me with grooming, and getting Annie to the vet. I can’t speak highly enough of them, and I couldn’t manage without them! –Renee Lestienne

Click the image below to check out the Lestienne pets on their weekly outing, and check out all the other goodies in progress at Snug@Home’s FaceBook page. Have fun!


If you have need of petsitting services, go check out Snug@Home’s new website at! Trusted faces in Hardin County, KY since 1992.

Spread the word about the Animal Refuge Center and its work for the homeless pets of Hardin County, Kentucky to all your friends and family! We can't do our work without YOUR support!

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