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DogForChristmasadBeen thinking about a new member for the family? Want to do something special this holiday season?

Open your home and heart to a homeless dog this Christmas! If it turns out to be a great move for you, contact ARC to adopt! Or return the dog on December 26 at no obligation to you. And look!!! Petfinder.com liked our idea so much, they’re doing it, too!! Now, no matter where you are, you can give a homeless dog a Happy Christmas! Or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Ramadan–we don’t care! It’s happy homes that really matter. 😀

VINE GROVE, KY, (12/13/2011) – Animal Refuge Center and Petfinder.com are participating in the national “Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays” pet fostering program.  Across the country, over 13,000 pet rescue organizations are trying to empty their kennels for Christmas, encouraging members of the public to invite a pet home for the holidays.

People interested in making this Christmas a happy holiday for a pet in need or who want more information should contact ARC at 270-877-6064.

The Animal Refuge Center will provide all needed supplies. The organization has an average population of 10 adoptable dogs and 125 adoptable cats.  They can be viewed online at  www.petfinder.com.  The goal for the “Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays” program is to have each of these pets into a home by noon on December 20.


 For further information, contact

Kim Saunders, Vice President, Petfinder.com


Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays

Check out your fellow Petfinder members’ pets in the Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays Gallery. Then, stop by our Foster a Lonely pet page to find helpful articles for your foster caregivers.



Athena: Athena is a 4 year old Black Lab, who thinks she’s something of a local celebrity here at the shelter. She is high energy and loves to play. She’s had a couple of leg operations, so she gets her arthritis medication every day to help her keep moving. The World According To Athena, she’s forgotten she ever had any operations. This silly personality has a great sense of humor for a dog! Toy in mouth and with a doggy smile, she’ll do her best to win your heart.


DudleyDudley: Dudley is an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel/Chow mix. Dudley’s former owner had to go into a nursing home and needed to find her dogs a new home. After his arrival at ARC, Dudley was very shy here but now he comes to us and is very inquisitive. He’s a big teddy bear, afraid of his own shadow. He needs to go to a home that has lots of time to socialize him and give all the love and time he needs. Please open your heart for Dudley.


FergusonFerguson: He is a 3 year old Schnoodle! That’s a Schnauzer-Poodle for the rest of you. He is cute, has a wonderful temperament with children, but would probably be best suited where he is the only dog in the home. Ferguson does play nice with SOME dogs, but he meshes best with calmer female dogs.
He needs to go to a home where the focus is on him, so his intelligence really gets a chance to shine. He is longing for his own people, and wants to give his very best.

IncaInca: Inca is a 1-1/2 year old Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua-somethin’ mix…? Energetic, but no spitfire, Inca is very intelligent. She sits on command, has nice manners, doesn’t jump all over you, and is really easygoing. She is about 22 pounds. She loves other dogs as well. She is going to make someone a wonderful little dog.



LassieLassie: Lassie is a 12 month old Shepherd/Sheltie mix. She was featured as one of the three neglected puppies in our Spring newsletter. Lassie is a high-energy girl. We have a dog trainer working to direct her energy in a positive way. Lassie is intelligent and learning her manners, but for now a home with older children would be best until she calms down. Once Lassie settles in she’s eager to learn and has a sweet temperament. She needs plenty of interaction and exercise, because dynamite does come in small packages.

MayaMaya: Also a 1-1/2 year old Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua-somethin’ mix…? She is sister to Inca. But this one is a high-energy little spitfire! Maya can jump a couple feet straight in the air to take a treat from your hand!! She is also 22 pounds, and is easy grooming because she’s also a shorthair.

She’d love the chance to entertain your family for the holidays!


MoMo: Mo is a 1 year old Lab/Chow mix. Very sweet and eager to learn, Mo is high energy! Children would be fine, but he might be too rambunctious for little bitty kids. Children would certainly be ideal because he has a lot of energy to burn.

He loves to play with other dogs, so a multi-dog household would be perfect!


NashNash: Nash is a 14 year old Miniature Schnauzer. He’s blind and partially deaf, but very enthusiastic about food! We always said he has selective hearing, and only hears what he wants to–like a food package or a can opener.
Even though this sweetie has his senior moments, he more than makes up for it in the attention he gives you. Give this little old man a chance at a home for the holidays.



PepperPepper: A 5 year old Black Lab mix, Pepper is very loving and wants to be your shadow. She wants to follow you everywhere! She’s a wonderful dog: housebroken, calm, not super-high-energy. If you’re looking for a dog to adore you, then Pepper needs to be your pick!




RickyRicky: Ricky is a 1-1/2 – 2 year old Chocolate Labrador mixed with…? This guy is a sweetheart. He was brought to us after he was found on the streets in Elizabethtown. He loves playing with his canine friends but sometimes they run all over him.
Ricky is very tolerant with other dogs and would love a home where there is another pooch. Ricky tries to jump up on us, but mostly to give us hugs. He’s just trying to show us that he’s the “pooch to smooch”!



For more information on how YOU can take a dog home for Christmas, please call the Animal Refuge Center at 270-877-6064.

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